Moving beyond manual parking operations
with little or no costly infrastructure.
  • Ticket issuance
  • Handles cash, credit card and passes/permits
  • Little or no infrastructure needed
  • Licensed to the device, not location
  • Increases ingress speed
  • Handles both gated and open locations
  • Offline mode accepts cash and validates passes
  • Supports transaction refunds
  • Advanced real time reporting

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Wireless Carpark's application is a "cloud-based" or hosted solution. There is no server at the site. This choice of platform offers our clients a secure and reliable system with guaranteed up time. In addition to the benefits of having less hardware to purchase and maintain, the hosted backbone allows WCP to license handhelds to the mobile device, not to the location. This offers our clients a highly desirable level of flexibility. The WCP system can be utilized at one location or an unlimited number of sites; maximizing your investment dollars.