Moving beyond manual parking operations
with little or no costly infrastructure.
  • Ticket issuance
  • Handles cash, credit card and passes/permits
  • Little or no infrastructure needed
  • Licensed to the device, not location
  • Increases ingress speed
  • Handles both gated and open locations
  • Offline mode accepts cash and validates passes
  • Supports transaction refunds
  • Advanced real time reporting

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Having the ability to limit (or in some instances eliminate) cash transactions is one huge step companies can take to improve revenue control. Credit card acceptance also adds a valuable convenience to the growing number of patrons who are migrating away from carrying cash. Credit card acceptance also helps speed up ingress because attendants do not have to make change for those paying with large bills. WCP even has the ability to refund cash or credit card transactions if necessary.

Continuing with Wireless Carpark’s belief of offering flexibility and choices to our clients, we opted to integrate with two different credit card processing solutions. Both support most major credit card clearing houses including: First Data, Global Payments, Payment Tech and others.

Please direct questions regarding credit card processing to your sales representative. They will gladly discuss our options and any organizational requirements you may have. WCP’s goal is to help you determine which selection makes the most sense for your operation.