Moving beyond manual parking operations
with little or no costly infrastructure.
  • Arenas / Stadiums
  • Beaches
  • Convention Centers
  • Fairgrounds
  • Garages
  • Lots
  • Raceways
  • State Parks
  • Theme Parks
  • Universities
  • And many others
WCP’s revolutionary technology provides a complete system for a minimal investment. We
  • Provide revenue control with ticket issuance
  • Accept cash, real-time credit card and barcode passes/permits
  • Implement systems with little or no infrastructure needed
  • License to the device, not location
  • Increase ingress speed
  • Operate in off-line mode to accept cash and validate passes
  • Generate advanced real time reporting
  • Refund cash and credit card transactions
  • Handle both gated and un-gated locations
  • Develop system integrations and customized options
  • Reschedule passes to an alternate date and/or location as needed
  • Quickly add additional lanes
  • Handle multiple events and rates simultaneously
  • Extend exceptional service and support
  • Offer multiple payment and financing options
  • Support different languages and currencies