Moving beyond manual parking operations
with little or no costly infrastructure.
  • Ticket issuance
  • Handles cash, credit card and passes/permits
  • Little or no infrastructure needed
  • Licensed to the device, not location
  • Increases ingress speed
  • Handles both gated and open locations
  • Offline mode accepts cash and validates passes
  • Supports transaction refunds
  • Advanced real time reporting

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One of many benefits to the WCP system is the "freedom to move" and the flexibility it provides. Event parking often presents an interesting challenge. There are times when multiple events may run simultaneously at a particular venue. There are also other times when weeks pass by without an event being hosted there. The Wireless Carpark model of licensing to the device (not the location) on a hosted platform allows users to deploy their WCP system at one location today and another location tomorrow based on your needs. No additional licensing or device fees are required.

Our system can quickly be moved for use at cash only locations (where it can run in off-line mode) to provide the counts and auditing you need without any cellular plan requirements. No matter what the configuration or need, WCP provides a parking system that offers options.