Moving beyond manual parking operations
with little or no costly infrastructure.
  • Ticket issuance
  • Handles cash, credit card and passes/permits
  • Little or no infrastructure needed
  • Licensed to the device, not location
  • Increases ingress speed
  • Handles both gated and open locations
  • Offline mode accepts cash and validates passes
  • Supports transaction refunds
  • Advanced real time reporting

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Which communication method is best for your location does not have a one size fits all answer. It depends on the location, scenario and finances. For this reason, WCP supports both wireless communication/ WIFI (802.11 b/g) and cellular communication. Some locations may even benefit from a combination of the two methods. Other locations preferring to accept cash only can utilize our off-line mode. Off-line mode does not require a monthly cellular plan.

A properly implemented wireless infrastructure provides fast and reliable communication between the handheld device and the application. Some locations may already have a wireless network in place that can be utilized; eliminating the need for additional hardware and implementation costs. WCP can recommend a qualified wireless provider for locations seeking assistance with implementing a reliable network or assessing an existing wireless network. Many customers find the one-time cost of establishing the infrastructure appealing.

Other locations may warrant or prefer the versatility of cellular communication. Cellular communication requires minimal implementation effort, no permanent infrastructure and no additional hardware costs; making it an attractive option. Cellular communication does require monthly usage fees by the selected network provider.