Moving beyond manual parking operations
with little or no costly infrastructure.
  • Ticket issuance
  • Handles cash, credit card and passes/permits
  • Little or no infrastructure needed
  • Licensed to the device, not location
  • Increases ingress speed
  • Handles both gated and open locations
  • Offline mode accepts cash and validates passes
  • Supports transaction refunds
  • Advanced real time reporting

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Wireless Carpark offers flexible hardware options to meet the varying needs of our clients with the handheld and tablet versions of the WCP application. WCP's handheld system offers a mobile solution that allows attendants to move around freely and issue tickets on demand. The tablet system provides stability for locations with booths and fixed needs.

WCP's handheld system runs on a selection of sophisticated Intermec or Motorola wireless handhelds and utilizes Intermec mobile printers to issue vehicle tickets and receipts on demand. Handhelds are equipped with barcode scanners to accept season passes, permits or reservations. Mag Stripe Readers are optional for sites wishing to accept credit card payment to limit cash transactions.

WCP's tablet system has been standardized on the durable Motion CL900 Touchscreen Tablet. Chosen for its ruggedness, speed, and large 10 inch screen; the CL900 is designed to withstand the typical wear and tear and environmental challenges common to event parking and the parking industry.

Both options run over your choice of a standard wireless connection or a cellular network. In some instances a combination of both may be desirable depending on the needs and objectives of the site(s). WCP standardized on devices that are equipped with a wireless antenna and/or a cellular card.

For additional cost savings, WCP encourages our customers to source their hardware directly (based on WCP provided hardware specifications). Or for those customers who prefer the convenience of purchasing a complete system out of the box, WCP can purchase the hardware for you. No matter what your budget number looks like, WCP will help you select the most appropriate and reliable hardware to achieve your organizations overall goals.